Oscar Pistorius ~ Bullets kill … so does a baseball bat.

The world knows who Oscar Pistorius is, also known as Blade Runner.  No formal introduction is necessary as Oscar is seen as an inspiration to many people.   Or is he really?

The latest trend on social media comes in many forms, some serious, some with added Bible verses, some comical and some just weird to say the least.

Being a born South African myself, I know how close the nation hold the Bible to their hearts especially in times of need and times when comfort is needed.

In the last 48 hours a lot of people have taken to Twitter and social media to post inspirational tweets to Oscar.   Tweets like these:

@TheGodLight: God always saves the best till last, so that you will appreciate a blessing when it comes.”@OscarPistorius


@PrayInFaith: Get rid of your of worries. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. -1Peter 5:7″@OscarPistorius

It seems to me that Oscar will receive blessings from the gullible.

Cliché ‘s like “Only God is the Judge” or “We are not allowed to judge” or “Don’t judge” are well known phrases used among people that believe all murderers and killers should not be subjected to the rules and regulations of a Government of a country.  As long as you believe that God alone is Judge, you can do what you want in life.

Until of course their loved one gets murdered like Reeva Steenkamp did.

By uttering these cliché ‘s they themselves play the role of judge and jury …

On another note…

A poster on our Facebook page  commented saying some people have already made up their minds and labelled the accused as a murderer.


Every crime has its own qualifiers.  Every crime tells a story.    Where else can we arrive at if the evidence steer us to an intentional killing?  What do we have so far?   We have ONE victim,  TWO weapons used by ONE person.   One of those weapons was an “overkill”.

This was my answer to the poster:

It is not a matter of me deciding whether he is guilty or not. But if you want my opinion? Yes, I think he murdered her.

Her family saw her body. They themselves saw the extensive head injuries she got. As mentioned in the media, investigators and detectives also conveyed this information to the family.

The extensive injuries were not caused by the ONE bullet that hit her in the head, like I mentioned it has been reported that she had extensive head injuries. A bloody baseball bat was found at the crime scene. I can safely say, that he allegedly hit her with the baseball bat.

Question, do you think he hit her with the bat after or before he shot her? You don’t have to answer me, just think about it.

If the hit with the bat came first, then he has a very very good reason to shoot her. Why? Because if she would have survived the hit to the head, she would have been hospitalised and lived to tell what he did to her. If she told the world what he did to her, his career is as good as gone. Also, her mother warned him that if he hurt her daughter she will have him on his back. In other words, she warned him. So, in my opinion, he had motive at that point to shoot her.

If the hit with bat came last, well, why on earth would you shoot someone and then hit them with a cricket bat? What will be the reason behind that?

The Prosecution charged him with premeditated murder. The bloody bat and the extensive injuries to the victim’s head is most probably the reason behind that charge. He hit her with a bat out of anger, then realised what he has done and then decided to shoot her. The shooting in my opinion was an act he did to support his “intruder” story. That is where premeditation comes in. He had time to ponder the fact whether to shoot or not. Premeditation can be a few seconds. If the prosecution can prove that he hit her with the bat and THEN shoot her, he will be toast… BURNED toast.

My second point… Why carry her body downstairs. She was still alive and must have been in an immense amount of pain from the injuries she sustained. Not just that, but to carry a seriously wounded person can cause more damage, especially to the neck and spine. She was still bleeding too, as is evident in one photo where fine drops of blood are spattered over the couch downstairs.

In my opinion, he tried to divert attention away from the initial crime scene. There was NO good reason to carry a fatally wounded person downstairs. NONE. Last I heard, all paramedics can climb stairs. Paramedics can go up mountains with all their gear.

He tried to get her away from the initial crime scene and guess what? It worked for him. Paramedics came in and tended to her and never saw the actual crime scene, (toilet).

Lastly, as some of you will know, I am an avid crime sleuth and have read of these type of crimes 100’s of times. I have learned and realised after my years of following crime, that an innocent person does NOT call his friend, his manager, his dad, his uncle or whatever if your partner is shot or injured. You call the emergency lines (911 in America, not sure of the number in South Africa). An innocent person does not seek help for himself in a situation like this, but seek help for the injured person.

So, just from these few examples I gave, I personally belief that the accused made himself guilty of a very serious crime.

Blood spatter on the couch downstairs in Oscar Pistorius' house.

Blood spatter on the couch downstairs in Oscar Pistorius’ house.


8 responses to “Oscar Pistorius ~ Bullets kill … so does a baseball bat.

  1. dont know if you will get this – or get it! a couple of years ago someone tried to break into our house (here in south africa)…. my husband shot at the intruder through the glass pane – HE DID NOT SHOOT JUST ONE SHOT…. SOMEONE IS COMING INTO YOUR HOUSE – OR TRYING TO GET INTO YOUR HOUSE YOU SHOOT TO KILL HIM TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY…. You do not live in south africa – you do not know the fear people live in….. lots of info was not clarrified…. there had been workers at his home in the weeks prior to the shooting; they had left a ladder on the ground underneath the bathroom window…. HE OBVIOUSLY THOUGHT AN INTRUDER HAD USED THE LADDER TO GET INTO HIS HOUSE…. Yes – fear makes us shoot to kill the person you think is going to shoot – or worse – you…. like rape your girlfriend, burn her with an iron …. TRY READING OUR DAILY NEWSPAPERS TO SEE WHAT INTRUDERS ARE DOING TO PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA…..


  2. Your analysis makes sense to me. But he wasn’t charged with 1st degree murder, was he? Is it possible to have re-trial?


  3. Nathaniel cramer

    A little premature without an autopsy report.


  4. The video consists of photographs and short videos of Oscar portraying the good athlete. What has the video have to do with the “facts” you refer to?


  5. Why then does she have “extensive head injuries”? Why was there a bat covered in blood? Why did the Police tell the family about the injuries to her head? Why would the family tell lies about the injuries to her head?

    Feel free to comment on my blog, just please leave sarcastic comments at the door before coming in. I suppose NONE of us have all the facts, only the trial will lay that open. In the meantime, we listen to what the Police report, the family statements, etc.

    Lastly, I respect that you support Oscar Pistorius, please respect me and my followers that support Justice and Reeva Steenkamp.

    Global Justice Seekers only support victims of crimes not those that are alleged to have committed the crime.


  6. hes guilty and he will purchase his freedom


  7. yes hes guilty and will purchase his freedom


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