William Tyrrell, 3 years old, missing since September 12, 2014


William Tyrrell is missing since September 12, 2014.  He disappeared into thin air.  No one knows where he is or what has happened to him.

Investigators has been investigating this abduction for more than a year with 1000’s of tips flooding in.  These tips include sightings of William.

This case is a high profile case in Australia and as concerned humans do, they all took to every type of social media to express their concerns, theories and thoughts.

Plenty of Facebook pages and groups popped up, each member to do his or her best to come up with a theory.

Opinions of people are different, and emotions are all over the place because at the end of the day, William is missing. There is no finality to William, no one knows if he is still missing or if he has passed. This is hard for everybody involved.

Some feel Bill Spedding and Tony Jones are the guilty people. Some feel it is a pedo ring operating in the area. Some feel it might be a person no one has ever heard about.

Sadly a large amount of people feel skeptical about the foster family whom William was entrusted to by Social Services.

It has become evident since the foster carers spoke up for the first time since William disappeared that they are frowned upon by those following the case closely.

According to media reports, a Court Order prevents the foster carers’ identities to be made public.   However, one of the foster carers made a public statement that even if there was no Court Order in place, they would not show their faces to the world nor would they reveal their identity.  The reason they give is because they as the foster carers want to shield the biological sister, they do not want the sister to be known as the ‘sister who’s brother was abducted’.

The foster carers appeared in a documentary on national television, 60 Minutes.  During this interview their faces were obscured from the cameras.

After the 60 Minute documentary, all hell broke loose on social media.  Revelations were made about suspicious cars seen on the morning of William’s disappearance.

At the same time of the documentary, the emergency call made by the foster mother on that morning was made public.

The public was surprised by the calm demeanor of the foster mother as she made the call.  No panic, no urgency.  Just a normal call, calm voice, the operator pushing for information.  Some feel there was no urgency from the foster mother to show the immediate need for help from Law Enforcement.

During the call, the operator asked the foster mother if there was any suspicious vehicles, to which the foster mother said a definate “no”.  She repeated “no” three times.  So, the possibility at the time of a possible abduction was put aside.

During the documentary, it came to light that there were two suspicious cars parked across the street and this news came from the foster mother.   She explained she saw two cars parked across the road earlier that morning.  She saw these cars twice that morning, and it was made clear that she felt uncomfortable when she saw the cars.

The foster mother only remembered the cars later that night when she collected her sister from the airport.  On her return, she gave this information to the searchers at the command center set up at the house William disappeared from.

Up to then the possibility that William was abducted did not cross anybody’s mind.  It was believed that William merely wondered off in the dense bush behind the grandma’s house.

Human nature kicks in and those sitting on the side watching in on this tragedy can’t help to feel that William has been cheated by not knowing from the start that a possible abduction was actually in play.

Some turned their support for the family and questions are asked.  People want answers.  Is there a prowler on the loose?

Those that support the foster family are critical of those that doubt the foster family.

The division between support and doubt came after the revelation of the emergency call and the documentary, and the only reasonable explanation is one thing only.  The very words spoken by the foster family.  Their explanations at times have inconsistencies. No straight answer to a simple question.

When asked to tell everyone about William, the foster mother would talk about the photographs she takes, or the amount of photographs she takes when going out an the reason for taking pictures.  Evading.

The only reason why a percentage of the public is having doubt is because of the information, either verbally or actions, given by the foster parents.

Since William disappeared, renovations of over $500,000 have been done to their house.

A photograph has been leaked of the foster father drinking in a bar with work mates, four days after William disappeared.  Who does that? some would ask.

How can the public help it if the words and actions of the foster carers are suspicious?

What do they know, what have they done, are they involved.


3 responses to “William Tyrrell, 3 years old, missing since September 12, 2014

  1. How is it possible this woman is allowed to keep Williams sister. The photograph of the foster father drinking should have been published and well as photos of his car. Reported Foster granny went to stay with friends. A normal person who believed the child was missing would have never left the house. Foster family is entitled to no privacy getting good taxpayer money and do not know where a 3 year old child went. Any other persons details are allowed to be published suspects as well. Who are they connected with that cares about them and not the children. Overseas papers should publish the whole story.


  2. Cannot understand why Police did not make foster grandmothers house a crime scene and dig up her yard.


  3. I and many others have followed the case since day dot and in no way, whatsoever are the foster parents frowned upon as widely as you suggest. I question your motives writing such a heavily opinionated and biased article.


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