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Maggie Daniels | More Search Warrants Released in Murder of Teacher


NEWTON, N.C. — A new set of search warrants in the Maggie Daniels’ murder investigation sheds more light on the earliest stages of the investigation.

In the documents released Friday morning, detectives detail the day Daniels’ body was found in her Newton apartment.

The warrants say officers found her unresponsive, lying face down on her bedroom floor wearing only an inside-out pair of running shorts. Blood had pooled near her nose.

Officers also observed a broken full length mirror at the front of the bed with a clear liquid on it. The bedspread was rolled up into a ball and placed in the center of the mattress.

At no point do these newest set of documents mention a suspect.

Sharman Odom, 34, is charged with her murder as well as first-degree sex assault and kidnapping.

Search warrants released Thursday focused on his DNA that was found at the scene and an interview with a neighbor detailing Odom’s interest in Daniels before the murder.

Warrant 1

Warrant 2

Warrant 3

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Timeline of events in Maggie Daniels case


Maggie Daniels

NEWTON, N.C. – Using information from prior Hickory Daily Record reports, a copy of an Aug. 2 search warrant, Newton Police Chief Donald Brown’s news conference, numerous news releases from the Newton Police Department and interviews within the community, the Record has put together a timeline of events in the five-week long homicide investigation.




 » Video from surveillance footage at a Walmart in Conover in the afternoon shows Maggie Daniels walking out of the store.

 » Residents of Windsor Apartments complex and a janitor say they saw Daniels taking out her trash about lunchtime.

 » Sharman Odom entered Daniels’ apartment and strangled her to death, according to police.


 » Newton Police Department is contacted at 9:07 a.m. about a reported damage to property at Windsor Apartments.

 » Newton Police Department is contacted at 10:37 a.m. about a death case. An investigation begins into the death, which is procedural for unattended deaths.

 » Police say Odom takes selfies on his cellphone, part of the content investigators later seize from his electronic devices.


 » In the morning, investigators call Teresa Warren, owner of TRL Motors, requesting surveillance footage. Warren’s business has surveillance cameras that point at West 17th Street, the only entrance and exit for cars leading to Daniels’ apartment.


 » Newton police receive Daniels’ autopsy results. While the cause of death is not released to the public Aug. 4, autopsy results show Daniels was strangled to death.

 » In the afternoon, Newton Police Chief, Donald Brown, tells the media the status of the death investigation was changed from a death case to a homicide investigation.

 » Police say they have already conducted multiple interviews as of Monday evening.

 » Investigators reportedly spend hours looking at a path that leads from an elementary school, through a wooded area to the back of Daniels’ apartment.


 » Investigators interview Sharman Odom. Newton Police Lt. David Sigmon notes what appeared to be a patch of hair missing from the front portion of Odom’s scalp near his forehead.


 » Investigators work through the holiday weekend, conducting interviews with members of the community. Follow up interviews are conducted.

 » Investigators request surveillance footage from businesses near the apartment complex from June 27-28.

 » Daniels’ funeral is held near her hometown of Lakewood, Ohio.

 » Ten days after Daniels was found dead, police have not named any suspects publicly. Brown later says Odom was identified as a suspect within a week of the investigation starting.


 » Police release a photo of Daniels from surveillance footage at a Wal-Mart in Conover taken on the day of Daniels’ death.


 » A memorial for Daniels is held at the Newton-Conover High School gymnasium. Daniels’ family travels to Newton to attend. Newton City Schools Superintendent David Stegall announces a courtyard will be built in Daniels’ honor at Discovery High School’s new location.


 » Investigators submit evidence to the North Carolina State Crime Lab to be analyzed.

 » Investigators say they are searching phone records, social media websites and financial records.

 » Reports surface of a tweet sent from Daniels’ Twitter account on Aug. 13, 2013. Daniels tweeted a screenshot of a text message from a friend, part of which read, “Be careful with your neighbor you mentioned. I would really encourage you to think about a self defense class and to give serious consideration to other measures to protect yourself.” Police later say the neighbor referenced in Daniels’ Twitter exchange was not Odom.


 » Newton police say more than 100 interviews have been conducted, resulting in several individuals being eliminated as potential persons of interest.


 » An individual referenced in a text message seen on Daniels’ Twitter account is interviewed at the Newton Police Department. Police say the individual is no longer a person of interest.


 » More evidence is sent to the State Crime Lab for analysis.

 » No suspects have been identified publicly by police.


 » Starting early Saturday morning, the Newton Police Department and SBI serve three search warrants at apartment 52 in Windsor Apartments complex – Odom’s residence – with assistance from the Davie County Sheriff’s Office. Reports say investigators spent more than nine hours searching the apartment. Physical evidence that Brown later calls “crucial” to the investigation is seized. The items include an iPhone 5, which police say Odom used to take selfies on June 28. Investigators also seized a section of Odom’s hair, in a shoebox in his closet, according to a search warrant.


 » Evidence seized during the search of Odom’s apartment was sent to the State Crime Lab to be analyzed Monday morning.

 » A month after Daniels’ death, no suspect has been named publicly.

 » The search warrants from Saturday are sealed.


 » Detective R. Crawley of the Newton Police Department noticed the three photographs Odom took of himself June 28 contain a scratch on his right nostril and a scratch below his left eye. The injuries appeared new in the photograph.

 » An arrest warrant for Odom is obtained by the Newton Police Department.

 » Police attempt to make an arrest Friday evening at his apartment.

 » Newton police and SBI agents arrive back at Newton Police Department late in the evening without having located Odom.


 » At 12:53 p.m., Newton Police Mjr. Tim Hayes sends out a press release with Odom’s picture and name. It is the first time in the investigation a suspect has been named publicly.

 » Investigators receive a call from Odom while they are en route to Winston-Salem, where he is staying with a relative.

 » Newton Police arrest Odom in Winston-Salem.

 » Odom’s arrest is processed at the Newton Police Department at 4:20 p.m. He is charged with murder and held at the Catawba County Jail until his first appearance Monday morning.

 » Newton Police obtain a search warrant for Odom’s apartment at 8:25 p.m. and serve the warrant within 30 minutes.


 » Odom makes his first appearance in Catawba County at about 10:10 a.m. He is told he faces a maximum sentence of life in prison or death, if convicted. He is held without bond.

 » Newton Police Chief Donald Brown holds a press conference at Newton City Hall, where he confirms Daniels’ cause of death. Brown also says Daniels was murdered June 27 – the day before she was found – and there were no signs of forced entry into her apartment. Newton police are waiting for evidence to be returned from the State Crime Lab before they can say whether or not Daniels was sexually assaulted.

Source : http://www.hickoryrecord.com/