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Missing mom-of-two is found DEAD near SUV in Oregon forest after her husband sobbed through televised plea for her to come home

  • Jennifer Huston was found Tuesday morning near her SUV on a rural, remote road, police said
  • A landowner discovered her dark green Lexus around 10:30 a.m. and notified authorities and detectives who responded to the scene discovered her body nearby
  • Police said there were no signs of foul play and no evidence to suggest that the public was in any danger, though gave no indication of how she died
  • The mom-of-two from Dundee disappeared after going out to run errands on July 24

Missing Oregon mother Jennifer Huston was found dead Tuesday morning near her SUV on a rural, remote road, police said.

A landowner discovered her dark green Lexus around 10:30 a.m. and notified authorities.

Detectives who responded to the scene discovered her body nearby, Newberg-Dundee Police Department Captain Chris Bolek told NBC News.

Bolek said there were no signs of foul play and no evidence to suggest that the public was in any danger, though he gave no indication of how she died.

The grim discovery comes a day after San Juan County, Washington, sheriff’s office said it had been unable to confirm a report that the Dundee woman might be in the San Juan Islands of northwest Washington.

KPTV reports that the sheriff’s office said Monday it had received ‘no information confirming the presence of Jennifer Huston in the San Juan Islands.’

Investigators were checking out a report that the missing woman was spotted late last week on the ferry out of Anacortes to Friday Harbor in the San Juans.

A couple who notified deputies told KPTV that they saw a woman matching Huston’s description driving a car that matched Huston’s car on July 31.

The 38-year-old woman was last seen July 24 running errands at around 6pm. A search was conducted in Oregon.

Huston’s family says she spent time in the San Juans in the past.

A couple say they saw a blonde female in her 30s on the 9am ferry to Friday Harbor in a car that matched the make and model of Huston’s green Lexus, including a crack in the windshield.

Found: Missing Oregon mother Jennifer Huston was found Tuesday morning near her SUV, pictured, on a rural, remote road, police said

Scene: A landowner discovered her dark green Lexus around 10:30 a.m. and notified authorities

Forensics: Detectives who responded to the scene discovered her body nearby, Newberg-Dundee Police Department Captain Chris Bolek told NBC News

Mr Huston has said that his wife complained of headaches three days before disappearing, but she hadn't seen a doctor. At a press conference on Monday, he said he feared she'd crashed her car

However the ferry system in the area is connected to 20 terminals, including Seattle, which made the search to find Huston on surveillance footage near impossible.

‘If that was her on the ferry, she could be on Orcas Island right now, she could be on Lopez, she could be on Shaw, she could be anywhere using the ferry systems,’ San Juan County Under sheriff Bruce Distler told KPTV last week.

Huston, from Dundee, Oregon, was last seen taking cash out at a bank, filling up her car with gas and then buying snacks and non-lethal sleeping pills at a Rite Aid in nearby Newberg around 6.22pm on July 24.

She also withdrew a ‘small sum’ of money from an ATM, but it is not known how much.

Her cell phone stopped working minutes after she was seen at the gas station, but police said it was not due to a dead battery, according to Fox News, and she has not used her credit cards since.

She told her husband, Kallen Huston, she had some errands to run, but then never returned home.

At a press conference this week, Mr Huston – who has passed a polygraph test – said he believed that finding his wife’s 99 Lexus would be the key to finding her.

He also pleaded directly with his wife for her safe return.

Devastated: Jennifer's husband sobbed during a press conference Monday in which he begged her to come home

Last seen: The married mother-of-two was last seen filling up her car near her home in Newberg, Oregon, about 6.22pm on July 24

Clue: If the new sighting of Jennifer Huston is confirmed, she was last seen 300 miles - or a six hour drive - from her Oregon home in Anacortes, Washington

 ‘Jennifer, if you could see this or hear this, I love you,’ Mr Huston said.

‘You have a ton of support from the community. If you can come home, please do. The boys need you. I need you. I love you.

He added: ‘We’ll never stop looking for you.’

Local police called off their search on Friday with one final aerial search across rural roads in the area.

They also visited the San Juan Islands where the family used to visit but made no progress.

‘After [Friday’s] flight, the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office will have covered all rural areas of Yamhill County and no further search efforts are planned for Yamhill County,’ a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said.

‘If additional information arises, search efforts will be resumed as necessary.’

A clearly emotional Mr Huston, flanked by fellow members of her family, said he keeps calling his wife’s cell phone even though it’s been turned off on the hope someone might finally answer, KOIN reported.

Police released these surveillance footage stills of Huston's car at the gas station she visited after withdrawing money from a local bank

As to questions surrounding her final known purchases, a Gatorade, trail mix, and sleeping aids, her husband said they were not a cause for alarm – the sports drink was because it was a hot day, the trail mix was something they had in the house often, and the pills could be attributed to a headache she’d been suffering from for three days.

He went on to call the disappearance ‘completely out of character for her. She loves me, She loves the boys.’

Captain Jeff Kosmicki of the Newberg-Dundee Police Department said her car, a 1999 dark green Lexus LX 470 SUV, would be able to travel 300 to 350 miles after she filled up the tank.

Mr Huston, who has passed a polygraph test, told investigators his wife had left to run errands and had been complaining of a headache for several days before she went out but said nothing else was out of the ordinary.

Mrs Huston was a stay-at-home mother to her two sons, aged two and six.

Her husband previously said he’d told them she was on vacation because he couldn’t bear to tell them the truth.

He also expressed his fears that she might be ‘in a ditch somewhere’ after driving her car off the road and urged motorists to look out for his wife.

‘I ask that anybody helping us, regardless of the area they are in, look off to the left and off to the side of the highways,’ he said.

‘This is totally unlike her. She’s a devoted mother. She’s just a very good person, and for her to do something like this is completely out of the norm.’

Police receive tip on possible sighting of missing Oregon mum Jennifer Huston


JENNIFER Huston, a 38-year-old married mother-of-two, has been missing since she left her home on July 24 after complaining of a headache.

Mrs Huston left the house in Dundee, Oregon in her dark green 1999 Lexus LX 470 at 5:45pm before stopping at the Circle K gas station in Newberg, Oregon where she withdrew a small amount of money from an ATM, filled her car and bought a Gatorade, some trail mix and a nonlethal amount of sleeping pills.

She hasn’t been seen since.

Mrs Huston’s family and police have been baffled by her disappearance and had no clues on her whereabouts until they received a tip on a possible sighting on Thursday in Washington.

The New York Daily News reports witnesses said they may have seen the blue-eyed blonde-haired mother take a ferry to the San Juan Islands.

The San Juan Islands are an archipelago in the northwest corner of the United States between the US mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

A couple thought they saw Huston’s green SUV on a ferry going to Friday Harbor from Anacortes, according to the sheriff’s office.

Now, San Juan County Sheriff deputies are rushing to get their hands on surveillance video from aboard that ferry, according to Fox12.

“The information that we’ve received is that there was a female on the boat, on the 9 o’clock ferry sailing from Anacortes to Friday Harbor on Thursday morning July 31,” said San Juan County Under sheriff Bruce Distler.

“The woman we talked to also identified a green car, possibly a 99 Lexus, with cracked windshield although she couldn’t give us a license plate,” said Distler.

Deputies say the couple who spotted the car also described a woman in her 30s with blonde hair who had a 2 by 3 inch white Band-Aid on her left cheek. The tip was so descriptive, they’ve alerted the Newberg police department.

Deputies say they have also called ferry security based out of Seattle to pull the tape from that morning so they can confirm if the woman is in fact Huston.

“It’s not something that’s just another tip, it’s something that is serious enough that we’re gonna take a look at it and make sure everything pans out,” said Distler.

Meanwhile, Mrs Huston’s husband and father joined KATU News in Portland for an interview on Sunday morning to talk about the latest developments in the search.

“It’s been an emotional time for the family. Lots of ups and downs,” said Kallen Huston, Jennifer’s husband.

“These leads get us excited for a short bit, then reality sets back in and it’s been difficult.”

Mr Huston said the family doesn’t know yet if the new lead is credible.

“The islands are small and it should not take a long time to search,” he said. “We’ve vacationed many times there in the past.”

Huston’s father, Bill Turner, says he believes Jennifer is still in Oregon.

“I believe she’s within 25 miles of Newberg,” Turner said.

“We are still searching the parks and places she could have gone within walking distance,” he said.

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