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The Rusty Sneiderman Murder

The Sneiderman Family

Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman had a master’s in business administration from Harvard, had worked as a chief operating officer and a financial consultant, and had struck out on his own as an independent entrepreneur.

​On November 18, he was dropping his 2-year-old off at a Dunwoody, Georgia daycare center when he was confronted by a gunman in the parking lot.  He was executed with multiple gunshot wounds in what some would later come to believe was a professional hit.

But it wasn’t. It would take detectives more than a month to find their man, but January 5, 2011 they arrested Hemy Zvi Neuman, an engineer and supervisor at General Electric.  Police said a bearded man in a hoodie resembling Neuman fired four shots at the 36-year-old Sneiderman and sped away, blending in with rush hour traffic.

He just happens to be the boss of  Sneiderman’s wife Andrea, who’s also an engineer. Both the killer and the victim apparently knew each other, though the nature of their relationship is unclear.

Hemy Neuman

Sneiderman was a father active in medical charities. Neuman, a native of Israel, was equally successful, living in a neighborhood where the homes sell for $500,000. He’d graduated with honors from Georgia Tech before going to work at General Electric 11 years ago.

Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman worked in the same division at General Electric, where they oversaw programs involving nuclear reactors and solar panels.

In the weeks after the slaying, neighbors say they hadn’t seen Neuman. His Facebook page said he was on vacation with his three children in Florida, and it wasn’t updated again until New Year’s. But police have yet to recover a murder weapon or the van used as a getaway car. It’s also unknown how the investigative trail led to Neuman.

The murder could also be money-related, as Neuman appears to be having financial problems. Despite a good job and an expensive home, he’s asked for a public defender, claiming he can’t afford a lawyer.

Neuman’s wife, Ariela Neuman, filed for separation from her incarcerated husband. And she claims he and Andrea Sneiderman were having an affair. “We believe there was an extramarital relationship between Hemy Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman,” Ariela’s lawyer, Esther Panitch.

Ariela is asking for evidence in the murder probe that pertains to the relationship between Neuman and Andrea. The district attorney’s office recently got a search warrant for email and phone call records between the two suspected lovers.  Ariela’s lawyer contends Andrea continued to communicate with Neuman even after her husband’s slaying.

Ariela is filing for a separation from Neuman, claiming adultery and cruel treatment. She’s asking for child support for their 17-year-old daughter.

Hemy Neuman was charged with murder in the death of Russell Sneiderman. Prosecutors and defense attorneys said the shooting was linked to an affair Sneiderman’s wife was having with Neuman, though she denied those allegations.

The jury’s guilty but mentally ill verdict means Neuman will go to prison but he will get mental health treatment while there.    Neuman did not show any emotion as the verdict was read.

Neuman, a Georgia Tech graduate and father of three, was a high-ranking manager at General Electric, where he supervised Sneiderman’s wife Andrea. He was arrested about six weeks after the killing when prosecutors discovered he rented a silver minivan seen speeding away from the shooting on the morning of Nov. 18, 2010.

The trial garnered attention because the slaying was brazen, Neuman and Sneiderman had impressive professional backgrounds and because of the questions surrounding Andrea Sneiderman, who was accused of goading Neuman into the killing by both prosecutors and defense attorneys.

She denied knowing anything about the killing.

Prosecutors called the shooting a calculated killing by a jealous man who wanted what he couldn’t have. Neuman’s attorneys argued he could not tell the difference between right and wrong when he killed Sneiderman.

Neuman pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. If the jury had reached that verdict, Neuman would have become a ward of the state mental health department and a judge would have later decided when, if ever, he could be released.

Neuman told mental health examiners he was visited by a demon whose voice sounded like Barry White and an angel who looked like Olivia Newton-John. The angel ordered him to fatally shoot Sneiderman, Neuman said in one interview.

Experts on both sides of the case disagreed over whether Neuman was insane during the shooting.

Neuman’s lawyers said during the month long trial he fell so hopelessly in love with Andrea Sneiderman that he believed he was the father of her two children and that the only way to protect them was to kill her husband. Defense attorney Doug Peters called her a tease and an adulterer who took advantage of Neuman’s deteriorating mental condition to get her husband’s $2 million life insurance policy.

“The gun in this case was in Hemy’s hand,” Peters said. “But the trigger, I respectfully suggest, was pulled by Andrea Sneiderman.”

Hemy Neuman’s lawyer told the jury that there was no doubt that his client gunned down Russell “Rusty” Sneiderman in November 2010. But he said Sneiderman’s wife Andrea fed Neuman’s dangerous delusions by encouraging him to believe he needed to kill her husband to protect her two children.

Prosecutors also had few kind words for Andrea Sneiderman. DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James suggested in his closing arguments that she was Neuman’s co-conspirator and that the two were covering up for each other. But he said her possible influence on Neuman shouldn’t take away from the crime that he committed.

“This case is about one bad, really bad woman: Andrea Sneiderman. Adulterer. Tease. Calculator. Liar. And master manipulator,” said Peters. “I respectfully suggest to you that following this trial that Webster’s dictionary should be changed and from this day forward, anyone who looks up the definition of evil will see nothing more than a photograph of Andrea Sneiderman.”

“This was not because of some made up, some contrived, some constructed mental defect. It’s simple,” James said. “Hemy Neuman killed Rusty Sneiderman because he wanted his wife, he wanted his money, he wanted his life. Period.”

James said Neuman’s carefully plotted actions were proof that he knew exactly what he was doing. He pointed to Neuman’s decision after the killing to participate in Sneiderman’s funeral and visit Sneiderman’s family for a Jewish mourning ceremony days later.

“Nobody would think to look for the killer in the victim’s house,” he said. “Nobody would ever think the killer would go up and shake Rusty’s father’s hand. It was ingenious. But it was evil.”

Defense attorneys urged the jurors to find Neuman not guilty by reason of insanity — a verdict that Peters contended would signal that Neuman was manipulated into committing the crime by Andrea Sneiderman.

“Nothing can undo this tragedy,” said Peters. “It can only be made more tragic by a verdict that does not speak the truth.”

During the trial, Judge Gregory Adams ordered Andrea Sneiderman to stay away from the courthouse and not to have any contact with witnesses.

Adams said that after a witness testified on Thursday that she was approached by Sneiderman. The judge said the contact was improper and granted the prosecution’s request that Sneiderman be barred from the courthouse.

Andrea Sneiderman repeatedly denied allegations she was having an affair with Neuman. She testified that Neuman weaseled his way into her life and attacked her husband after she refused many advances, and that she didn’t air her suspicions that Neuman killed her husband because it sounded unbelievable.

“Seems kind of ridiculous, right?” she said. “The theory that my boss could kill my husband, it seemed kind of stupid at the time.”

Days after she testified for prosecutors, she was barred from the courtroom for being disruptive and improperly engaging a witness despite being told not to do so.

Andrea Sneiderman was hired in early 2010, and she and Neuman hit it off, exchanging 1,500 phone calls and text messages in the months leading up to the killing. On work trips, they would share long dinners and intimate moments, including sex, according to attorneys.

Neuman didn’t testify, but jurors heard him through hours of video recordings of interviews with investigators and mental health experts. In one interview, Neuman was asked if he thinks he’s the biological father of Sneiderman’s two children.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know,” he said. “I feel like these are my children. I feel like I need to be there for them. I feel like I need to raise them and I need to protect them. But I don’t know.”

Neuman’s attorneys tried to portray their client as a brilliant but troubled child who was constantly in fear of his father, a Holocaust survivor wracked with guilt because he was able to escape the death chambers at Auschwitz while many relatives died.

Born in Mexico, Neuman was sent to a boarding school in Israel and still suffers from fear of being abandoned, his attorneys said. He later landed the GE job that allowed him to buy a pricey home in an upscale Atlanta suburb.

Neuman first tried to kill his rival Nov. 10, 2010, when he camped outside Sneiderman’s house with a gun he recently purchased and waited to attack, prosecutors said. But he bolted after Russell Sneiderman noticed an intruder on his property and called police.

Eight days later, prosecutors said, Neuman arrived at his office much earlier than usual — at 5:36 a.m. — then sneaked out a back door to avoid security cameras and to give himself an alibi.

Andrea was arrested in August 2012 on charges of malice murder and criminal attempt to commit murder in the killing of Rusty.

Neuman, who admitted to the killing, was found guilty but mentally ill and sentenced in March 2012 to life in prison. Andrea Sneiderman, who denies involvement in the murder, has pleaded not guilty and her defense team is currently arguing to dismiss some of the charges against her.

Assistant District Attorney Anna Green Cross argued that Andrea Sneiderman lied and concealed from investigators that she knew her husband had been killed before police told her. Cross also argued that Andrea lied about her relationship with Neuman.

Andrea erased cell phone logs chronicling phone calls and texts between her and her boss on the day of her husband’s killing, an investigator with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office testified. Furthermore, investigator Mark Potter says texts to and from Neuman before the day of the murder had not been deleted from Sneiderman’s blackberry.

Lawyers for Andrea Sneiderman have argued that 13 of the 16 counts against their client lack specificity, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution. They also are fighting to subpoena Neuman’s ex-wife and the defendant’s in-laws.

DeKalb County Superior Court Judge Gregory Adams set the bond Tuesday after Sneiderman’s attorneys said she wasn’t a flight risk and would follow instructions not to contact witnesses.

The judge ordered Sneiderman to live with her parents and be placed under house arrest, to surrender her passport and the passports of her young children and to wear a monitoring device. The judge also ordered Sneiderman not to have any contact with any potential witness in the case.

Prosecutor Don Geary had argued against bond, saying Sneiderman faced serious charges that could carry a potential sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole if she is convicted. Geary said the charges gave her an incentive to flee and that she has the financial means to do so.

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“Matters before the Court” ~ The Murder of Jill Meagher.

A blogger made this comment on his/her blog:

“History is littered with examples of innocent people who were jailed as a result of fabricated police evidence”.  

The topic related to social media and the impact of mainstream media on matters before court.

My response ~

“I don’t understand what social media has to do with innocent people jailed as a result of fabricated police evidence. Honestly, how can fabrication of police evidence have anything to do with matters before the court? How can that be seen as contempt? There was no fabrication of any evidence when Bayley took investigators to the crime scene and admitted to raping, killing and burying Jill Meagher. It was good old police work – get a confession and lock the murderer up.

If you say that reporting of facts by police [to the public] are highly prejudicial, then who is in contempt? The police sharing info with the media? Or the media conveying that info [to the public]? If police don’t want certain info published, then why make public statements? In that case, I would say, the problem lies within the police force and the court should perhaps hold the police in contempt.

The public are permitted to sit in on a trial.

If a person from the media is sitting in on the trial, why is that journalist not allowed to write about his/her day in court and the happenings?

If the court is so concerned about coverage, why not change the rules completely? Don’t make court documents available, don’t get the public involved at all. Keep it a secret. Perhaps the police should then not rely on the media to spread the word should a crime be in progress or have happened. Perhaps CCTV of Bayley never should have been released to the public. In fact, it was totally unnecessary to have shown the CCTV footage. If the footage was shown to LE only, they would have realised Bayley was known to police. The publication of CCTV footage during peak hour on national television was totally and utterly unnecessary! They DID not even need the help of the public. All they had to do was show the footage to a few police officers, parole board members, etc.

However, when it became clear who the suspect was, the police went into overdrive trying to silence the media on any further coverage. Why? Because it became clear that this man was in fact a REPEAT OFFENDER out on parole! The public became enraged by this news and demanded answers. But all of a sudden NO questions were to be asked. NONE. Be quiet, because the MATTER IS BEFORE THE COURT! Yes, before the court. Hasn’t it been before the court before and before that and before that? Yes, but no one is allowed to talk about it. Why? Because the parolee will not get a FAIR TRIAL or it can INFLUENCE THE JURY or the parolee’s HUMAN RIGHTS before a fair and impartial jury. The trial will be in jeopardy.

About your use of the word “history”. Before advanced DNA testing a numerous amount of innocent people were convicted of crimes they did not commit.

The opposite also happened. A lot of cases became unsolved and the perpetrators are still walking free because they were never apprehended.

Across the world a lot of cold cases are now being successfully prosecuted because of DNA samples being preserved for the future.

Luckily because of MSM and DNA, a lot of cold cases are being opened again and it is wonderful that families of victims can, for the first time, get closure, acceptance and best of all, come face to face with their loved one’s murderer in a court of law!

I applaud the media for their efforts in bringing the truth to the people of any country, the people that work to earn a honest living. These citizens have a right to know who and what they are subjected to. Jill Meagher had the right to be safe. She was shown no mercy. None. Her dignity was stripped away from her when she was repeatedly raped by a serial rapist then buried in a shallow grave next to a road!”

Oscar Pistorius ~ Bullets kill … so does a baseball bat.

The world knows who Oscar Pistorius is, also known as Blade Runner.  No formal introduction is necessary as Oscar is seen as an inspiration to many people.   Or is he really?

The latest trend on social media comes in many forms, some serious, some with added Bible verses, some comical and some just weird to say the least.

Being a born South African myself, I know how close the nation hold the Bible to their hearts especially in times of need and times when comfort is needed.

In the last 48 hours a lot of people have taken to Twitter and social media to post inspirational tweets to Oscar.   Tweets like these:

@TheGodLight: God always saves the best till last, so that you will appreciate a blessing when it comes.”@OscarPistorius


@PrayInFaith: Get rid of your of worries. Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. -1Peter 5:7″@OscarPistorius

It seems to me that Oscar will receive blessings from the gullible.

Cliché ‘s like “Only God is the Judge” or “We are not allowed to judge” or “Don’t judge” are well known phrases used among people that believe all murderers and killers should not be subjected to the rules and regulations of a Government of a country.  As long as you believe that God alone is Judge, you can do what you want in life.

Until of course their loved one gets murdered like Reeva Steenkamp did.

By uttering these cliché ‘s they themselves play the role of judge and jury …

On another note…

A poster on our Facebook page  commented saying some people have already made up their minds and labelled the accused as a murderer.

Every crime has its own qualifiers.  Every crime tells a story.    Where else can we arrive at if the evidence steer us to an intentional killing?  What do we have so far?   We have ONE victim,  TWO weapons used by ONE person.   One of those weapons was an “overkill”.

This was my answer to the poster:

It is not a matter of me deciding whether he is guilty or not. But if you want my opinion? Yes, I think he murdered her.

Her family saw her body. They themselves saw the extensive head injuries she got. As mentioned in the media, investigators and detectives also conveyed this information to the family.

The extensive injuries were not caused by the ONE bullet that hit her in the head, like I mentioned it has been reported that she had extensive head injuries. A bloody baseball bat was found at the crime scene. I can safely say, that he allegedly hit her with the baseball bat.

Question, do you think he hit her with the bat after or before he shot her? You don’t have to answer me, just think about it.

If the hit with the bat came first, then he has a very very good reason to shoot her. Why? Because if she would have survived the hit to the head, she would have been hospitalised and lived to tell what he did to her. If she told the world what he did to her, his career is as good as gone. Also, her mother warned him that if he hurt her daughter she will have him on his back. In other words, she warned him. So, in my opinion, he had motive at that point to shoot her.

If the hit with bat came last, well, why on earth would you shoot someone and then hit them with a cricket bat? What will be the reason behind that?

The Prosecution charged him with premeditated murder. The bloody bat and the extensive injuries to the victim’s head is most probably the reason behind that charge. He hit her with a bat out of anger, then realised what he has done and then decided to shoot her. The shooting in my opinion was an act he did to support his “intruder” story. That is where premeditation comes in. He had time to ponder the fact whether to shoot or not. Premeditation can be a few seconds. If the prosecution can prove that he hit her with the bat and THEN shoot her, he will be toast… BURNED toast.

My second point… Why carry her body downstairs. She was still alive and must have been in an immense amount of pain from the injuries she sustained. Not just that, but to carry a seriously wounded person can cause more damage, especially to the neck and spine. She was still bleeding too, as is evident in one photo where fine drops of blood are spattered over the couch downstairs.

In my opinion, he tried to divert attention away from the initial crime scene. There was NO good reason to carry a fatally wounded person downstairs. NONE. Last I heard, all paramedics can climb stairs. Paramedics can go up mountains with all their gear.

He tried to get her away from the initial crime scene and guess what? It worked for him. Paramedics came in and tended to her and never saw the actual crime scene, (toilet).

Lastly, as some of you will know, I am an avid crime sleuth and have read of these type of crimes 100’s of times. I have learned and realised after my years of following crime, that an innocent person does NOT call his friend, his manager, his dad, his uncle or whatever if your partner is shot or injured. You call the emergency lines (911 in America, not sure of the number in South Africa). An innocent person does not seek help for himself in a situation like this, but seek help for the injured person.

So, just from these few examples I gave, I personally belief that the accused made himself guilty of a very serious crime.

Blood spatter on the couch downstairs in Oscar Pistorius' house.

Blood spatter on the couch downstairs in Oscar Pistorius’ house.