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The real reason police kept Tiahleigh Palmer’s disappearance a secret

Why did police wait six days to alert the public that Tiahleigh Palmer was missing? The answer is absolutely disgusting.


A child goes missing and police wait six days before they tell anyone?

It’s not as uncommon as you think and if that child happens to be a foster child, it’s pretty much guaranteed.

As appalling as it may seem to our sense of justice, foster children are treated differently from other children.

Their parents have lost the right to care for them, and the people who take them into their homes have almost no rights at all.

Take the case of the missing Queensland girl, Tiahleigh Palmer, 12.

She was last seen on October 30, being dropped off at school.

Six days later, Queensland police decided to tell the public that she was missing and to perhaps keep an eye out for her.

Later that same day, her body turned up on the banks of a river, so badly decomposed as to be almost unrecognisable. She had been stripped of her clothes and murdered.

Why the delay in raising the alarm?

Because foster kids are treated differently. Tiahleigh had run away from home before. Foster kids have a tendency to do that. She could be a bit of a handful. That comes with the territory, too.

But still … she was 12.

Her favourite colours were pink and purple.

Her backpack – still missing – had little flowers all over it.

The second reason it took so long is that Tiahleigh’s not white, and being a non-white foster child from a challenged background doesn’t work in your favour, when you go missing.

Obviously that’s a controversial thing to say, but does anyone seriously believe that police would wait six days to alert the public to the fact that a 12-year-old white girl was missing from a good, middle-class home?

Not a chance.

Tiahleigh came from troubled circumstances, and so she was treated differently.

Queensland place have responded pretty defensively to questions from the media about why it took so long for them to raise the alarm.

They say they were checking with biological relatives, because it seemed reasonable to assume that she had gone there. They were also checking some of the places Tiahleigh had gone when she’d run away previously.

That’s fair enough, but it still doesn’t change the fact that had Tiahleigh been a) white; and b) living at home with her parents when she disappeared, an alert would have been raised much sooner.

Still, we can count ourselves lucky that we are at least able to know about this case, and that justice may yet be done.

Had Tiahleigh turned up dead in NSW, as opposed to Queensland, there’s a very good chance that the public wouldn’t be allowed to know anything about it.

It’s against the law to identify a dead child in NSW. It’s doubly illegal to identify a dead foster child.

Rest assured there are crimes against foster children in NSW that you never hear anything about, because of that ban.

Media organisations go to court all the time to fight for the right to tell you more, but they rarely – if ever – win.

It’s good to see Tiahleigh’s family taking a stand. They’ve set up a Facebook page in her honour, on which they say:

“We feel that had this been made more public more quickly, someone may have seen her and prevented this from happening.

“Remember not to judge any child/teen runaway or missing youth. Their background (and) family life is never as important as finding the person.

“Judgemental gossip only takes away precious time we could be spending finding these young people.

“Regardless of the reason why (they are missing) they need to be found as quickly as possible.”

Yes, they do. And treated like anyone else.

Source:  http://www.aww.com.au/latest-news/crime/the-real-reason-police-kept-tiahleighs-disappearance-a-secret-23078?adbsc=social_20151111_55140096&adbid=10153379517308621&adbpl=fb&adbpr=349591763620


William Tyrrell, 3 years old, missing since September 12, 2014


William Tyrrell is missing since September 12, 2014.  He disappeared into thin air.  No one knows where he is or what has happened to him.

Investigators has been investigating this abduction for more than a year with 1000’s of tips flooding in.  These tips include sightings of William.

This case is a high profile case in Australia and as concerned humans do, they all took to every type of social media to express their concerns, theories and thoughts.

Plenty of Facebook pages and groups popped up, each member to do his or her best to come up with a theory.

Opinions of people are different, and emotions are all over the place because at the end of the day, William is missing. There is no finality to William, no one knows if he is still missing or if he has passed. This is hard for everybody involved.

Some feel Bill Spedding and Tony Jones are the guilty people. Some feel it is a pedo ring operating in the area. Some feel it might be a person no one has ever heard about.

Sadly a large amount of people feel skeptical about the foster family whom William was entrusted to by Social Services.

It has become evident since the foster carers spoke up for the first time since William disappeared that they are frowned upon by those following the case closely.

According to media reports, a Court Order prevents the foster carers’ identities to be made public.   However, one of the foster carers made a public statement that even if there was no Court Order in place, they would not show their faces to the world nor would they reveal their identity.  The reason they give is because they as the foster carers want to shield the biological sister, they do not want the sister to be known as the ‘sister who’s brother was abducted’.

The foster carers appeared in a documentary on national television, 60 Minutes.  During this interview their faces were obscured from the cameras.

After the 60 Minute documentary, all hell broke loose on social media.  Revelations were made about suspicious cars seen on the morning of William’s disappearance.

At the same time of the documentary, the emergency call made by the foster mother on that morning was made public.

The public was surprised by the calm demeanor of the foster mother as she made the call.  No panic, no urgency.  Just a normal call, calm voice, the operator pushing for information.  Some feel there was no urgency from the foster mother to show the immediate need for help from Law Enforcement.

During the call, the operator asked the foster mother if there was any suspicious vehicles, to which the foster mother said a definate “no”.  She repeated “no” three times.  So, the possibility at the time of a possible abduction was put aside.

During the documentary, it came to light that there were two suspicious cars parked across the street and this news came from the foster mother.   She explained she saw two cars parked across the road earlier that morning.  She saw these cars twice that morning, and it was made clear that she felt uncomfortable when she saw the cars.

The foster mother only remembered the cars later that night when she collected her sister from the airport.  On her return, she gave this information to the searchers at the command center set up at the house William disappeared from.

Up to then the possibility that William was abducted did not cross anybody’s mind.  It was believed that William merely wondered off in the dense bush behind the grandma’s house.

Human nature kicks in and those sitting on the side watching in on this tragedy can’t help to feel that William has been cheated by not knowing from the start that a possible abduction was actually in play.

Some turned their support for the family and questions are asked.  People want answers.  Is there a prowler on the loose?

Those that support the foster family are critical of those that doubt the foster family.

The division between support and doubt came after the revelation of the emergency call and the documentary, and the only reasonable explanation is one thing only.  The very words spoken by the foster family.  Their explanations at times have inconsistencies. No straight answer to a simple question.

When asked to tell everyone about William, the foster mother would talk about the photographs she takes, or the amount of photographs she takes when going out an the reason for taking pictures.  Evading.

The only reason why a percentage of the public is having doubt is because of the information, either verbally or actions, given by the foster parents.

Since William disappeared, renovations of over $500,000 have been done to their house.

A photograph has been leaked of the foster father drinking in a bar with work mates, four days after William disappeared.  Who does that? some would ask.

How can the public help it if the words and actions of the foster carers are suspicious?

What do they know, what have they done, are they involved.

Police allege Gable Tostee assaulted Warriena Wright before she plunged to her death from his 14th floor apartment on the Gold Coast


These were allegedly the last words of terrified Kiwi tourist Warriena “Rrie” Wright as she tried to flee Gold Coast playboy Gable Tostee.

The Sunday Mail has obtained exclusive details of the police case against Tostee, who faced court yesterday charged with murdering Ms Wright only hours after they met on controversial dating site Tinder.

Police will allege Ms Wright, 26, had been assaulted, was “in fear of her life” and trying to escape when she plunged to her death from the balcony of Tostee’s 14th floor apartment in the Avalon tower last Friday week.

Audio recordings of her last moments, believed to have been extracted by police technical experts from mobile phones found in a car in the building’s basement were the breakthrough detectives needed to arrest Tostee on Friday after an intensive week-long investigation.

Police will be relying on High Court findings in other cases of people fleeing in fear and dying to make the murder charge stick.

They will allege Ms Wright and Tostee met in Cavill Mall about 9pm on August 7 after connecting on Tinder and went back to his apartment.

Witnesses told police they heard a man and woman arguing and the woman screaming “No, no, no” several times and “I just want to go home” just before she plummeted to her death.

Police will allege she was trying to climb to the balcony below to escape Tostee when she fell.

CCTV footage obtained by police allegedly shows Tostee in the building foyer soon after the tragedy.

Police will allege he hid behind a pillar as police surrounded Ms Wright’s body and can be seen pacing backwards and forwards.

He then allegedly got back into the lift, rode to the basement and left the building.

CCTV cameras allegedly recorded him carrying what appeared to be a phone. Police will allege they later found three mobile phones in a car in the Avalon basement.

Tostee, who has boasted online of bedding about 150 women, handed himself in to police the day after Ms Wright’s death but refused to be interviewed.

He was arrested on Friday morning at his parents’ Carrara home, the day after a brave public plea for information by Ms Wright’s younger sister Reza.

Tostee’s parents, Gray and Helene, were not at Southport Magistrates Court yesterday to support him.

He remained in the watchhouse cells after defence lawyer Mick Purcell, a former senior police prosecutor, said he did not require his client to be brought into the dock.

People charged with murder cannot apply for bail in the Magistrates Court and Tostee was formally remanded in custody until October 10.

Outside court, Mr Purcell said his client “maintains his innocence” and he would be seeking Supreme Court bail in the coming weeks. Despite the arrest, police are still appealing for information from the public – especially women who have had interactions with Tostee.

“We’re interested in hearing from anyone who may be able to provide further information,’’ police regional crime co-ordinator Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said.

“This was a particularly tragic death which pulled at the heartstrings of the community and our appeals for public help have had a very positive response.’’

Supt Hutchinson said Ms Wright’s family were relieved at the early arrest and appreciative of the police efforts.

A team of more than 50 police including Gold Coast and Brisbane Homicide Squad detectives, as well as forensics experts, worked around the clock on the investigation.

It is believed Ms Wright’s body will be flown back to New Zealand this week for a funeral.

Police are continuing to comb Tostee’s apartment for further clues.

Gable Tostee has been charged with the murder of New Zealand tourist Warriena “Rrie” Wrig

Source : http://www.couriermail.com.au/

AUSTRALIA | Woman plunges to death from Surfers Paradise apartment hours after meeting man via dating app


IT WAS supposed to be a night of casual fun with a man she met online but a woman is now dead after falling 14 storeys from his Surfers Paradise apartment.

The 26-year-old woman was visiting Gable Tostee, 28, at his Avalon apartment after meeting him through an online dating app, believed to be Tinder.

Sources close to the investigation said the pair had been drinking and the woman was seen on the balcony prior to her death.

Police are investigating how she came to be outside after neighbours reported hearing a disturbance coming from the unit.

Homicide detectives have been called in to investigate.

Regional Crime Coordinator Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said police were treating the death as suspicious as a matter of procedure.

“In all cases like this — any sudden death which can’t be explained — we treat as suspicious right from the start to ensure we determine what occurred,” he said.

Witnesses at the scene recalled hearing a scream and speculated that the woman may have slipped while trying to climb down the outside of the building.

The woman fell from the 14th floor about 2.30am and it is understood a witness contacted police immediately after seeing her fall.


A woman known only as Tania told Channel 9 she had been left traumatised by the incident.

“I heard her screaming once and then she stopped, and then she screamed again and then she stopped again, and then she screamed a third time and after that I heard a bang,” she said.

“It’s terrible, very upsetting.”

Police arrived a short time later but Mr Tostee had left the scene.

He handed himself in to detectives about 11am yesterday and was questioned for over two hours at Surfers Paradise Police Station.

 It is understood he was uncooperative with police during the interview and was later taken to Southport Police Station for forensic testing.

He was released without charge a couple of hours later.

Investigators are looking through CCTV footage from inside and outside the building to help unravel what led to the woman’s death.

Residents of the Avalon hotel woke to find a crime scene at the Wahroonga Place entrance, with Adam Wilson saying he had not heard anything from his 17th floor apartment.

“I had a visitor early in the morning to check the fire alarms and he rang to say he couldn’t get in so that was the first I heard of it,” he said.

“Police asked me a few questions this morning, just who I was and what floor I was on.”

News of the death quickly hit social media, with one person claiming to have heard a loud scream followed by a bang while waiting at a bus stop around the time the woman fell.

Mr Tostee is known to police, masterminding a $30,000 Schoolies fake identification racket in 2004.

Mr Tostee and his friends Ryan Lee Sara and Jeremy James Stahl produced at least 500 fake 18+ cards, which they sold for about $60 each, before they were caught.

The trio was placed on probation but a conviction was not recorded.

At the time Judge John Newton described Mr Tostee as intellectually gifted and advised him to better use his skills in the future.

Source : http://www.couriermail.com.au/

Gerard Baden-Clay | Mistress compares herself to high profile Monica Lewinsky


Toni McHugh likens herself to Monica Lewinsky who had an affair with Bill Clinton, previous President of the United States.  A higher title could not be possible to claim.

McHugh explained her affair with convicted wife killer, Gerard Baden-Clay in various media outlets adding to the ongoing drama since Baden-Clay was sentenced to life in prison.

Since the high profile trial played itself off in a Brisbane Court, headlines across newspapers keep raining in.

Allison Baden-Clay explained in her diary the detail of her marriage to Gerard giving the public a peak into the bitter life she led, struggling to keep her family together and to keep her children believing that they are happily married.  But behind the scenes a murderous plot was awaiting to end her successful life.

To liken yourself to Monica Lewinsky who had sexual relations with Bill Clinton makes McHugh look more foolish than when the case of just broke in 2012.

Her choice of words speak volumes, she harbour a narcissistic characteristics, excusing herself as a victim of Baden-Clay’s.  Grandiose, grand standing, putting herself above the pain others suffer and will for ever suffer.  A total disregard to the children of Allison.

So bizarre is her sudden media appearances as her message to Allison’s three daughters when she says:

“I need them to know that I’m very, very sorry for what’s happened.”

It is all about “me, myself and I”.   “I need to know”.  Why do you need to know that they get your message?  Why do they need to know only now?  You should have said that the first time you invited Gerard into your body.

Should it have happened that Baden-Clay walked out a free man, you would not have offered any apology to the daughters of Allison.  You would have taken them and turned them against their mother, as you and Baden-Clay planned your future together.

McHugh has no sorrow residing in her heart or soul, she only desires to let the money roll in, at the expense of those very three girls she now insist on hearing her self serving message.

It would have been human to ask for forgiveness rather than insist on making them KNOW you are “sorry”.  True forgiveness is asked, not demanded.

The stage was set for McHugh, yet she chose the role of the wicked woman.  She could have gained sympathy from a few and less criticism would have been bestowed upon her.  Yet, she is now using the media as a pawn to send messages to those that already carry hate for her.

McHugh is cashing in on the murder of a woman she had a massive role in.  McHugh denies all involvement, whether direct or indirect.  From a public’s point of view both direct or indirect involvement carries the same weight.  The indirect involvement was just as vital in the decision Baden-Clay made that night to murder his wife Allison.  Even though McHugh does not elaborate on what was discussed that night, it is obvious that discussions between her and Baden-Clay led to the murder.

After the trial McHugh was paid over $200,000 to appear on 60 Minutes, stirring the public to fury.

McHugh further alleges that she went into hiding after their affair became public.  That was the right thing to do!  Hide.  She spend her time in hiding, got a new identity, remained quiet.

However at the time when the little girls would have wanted their Dad back, he was sent to prison, and McHugh made a few appearances in the media that only robbed them to mourn the death of their mother and the loss of their father.

McHugh is right, no man will ever look at her with honest intentions.  Her blood money made from the murder and trial will be the only interesting aspect of her morally bankrupt life.

The disregard McHugh shows the family of Allison goes beyond morally bankrupt.  Depleted conscience.  Empty soul.

Karma has no deadline …

“Matters before the Court” ~ The Murder of Jill Meagher.

A blogger made this comment on his/her blog:

“History is littered with examples of innocent people who were jailed as a result of fabricated police evidence”.  

The topic related to social media and the impact of mainstream media on matters before court.

My response ~

“I don’t understand what social media has to do with innocent people jailed as a result of fabricated police evidence. Honestly, how can fabrication of police evidence have anything to do with matters before the court? How can that be seen as contempt? There was no fabrication of any evidence when Bayley took investigators to the crime scene and admitted to raping, killing and burying Jill Meagher. It was good old police work – get a confession and lock the murderer up.

If you say that reporting of facts by police [to the public] are highly prejudicial, then who is in contempt? The police sharing info with the media? Or the media conveying that info [to the public]? If police don’t want certain info published, then why make public statements? In that case, I would say, the problem lies within the police force and the court should perhaps hold the police in contempt.

The public are permitted to sit in on a trial.

If a person from the media is sitting in on the trial, why is that journalist not allowed to write about his/her day in court and the happenings?

If the court is so concerned about coverage, why not change the rules completely? Don’t make court documents available, don’t get the public involved at all. Keep it a secret. Perhaps the police should then not rely on the media to spread the word should a crime be in progress or have happened. Perhaps CCTV of Bayley never should have been released to the public. In fact, it was totally unnecessary to have shown the CCTV footage. If the footage was shown to LE only, they would have realised Bayley was known to police. The publication of CCTV footage during peak hour on national television was totally and utterly unnecessary! They DID not even need the help of the public. All they had to do was show the footage to a few police officers, parole board members, etc.

However, when it became clear who the suspect was, the police went into overdrive trying to silence the media on any further coverage. Why? Because it became clear that this man was in fact a REPEAT OFFENDER out on parole! The public became enraged by this news and demanded answers. But all of a sudden NO questions were to be asked. NONE. Be quiet, because the MATTER IS BEFORE THE COURT! Yes, before the court. Hasn’t it been before the court before and before that and before that? Yes, but no one is allowed to talk about it. Why? Because the parolee will not get a FAIR TRIAL or it can INFLUENCE THE JURY or the parolee’s HUMAN RIGHTS before a fair and impartial jury. The trial will be in jeopardy.

About your use of the word “history”. Before advanced DNA testing a numerous amount of innocent people were convicted of crimes they did not commit.

The opposite also happened. A lot of cases became unsolved and the perpetrators are still walking free because they were never apprehended.

Across the world a lot of cold cases are now being successfully prosecuted because of DNA samples being preserved for the future.

Luckily because of MSM and DNA, a lot of cold cases are being opened again and it is wonderful that families of victims can, for the first time, get closure, acceptance and best of all, come face to face with their loved one’s murderer in a court of law!

I applaud the media for their efforts in bringing the truth to the people of any country, the people that work to earn a honest living. These citizens have a right to know who and what they are subjected to. Jill Meagher had the right to be safe. She was shown no mercy. None. Her dignity was stripped away from her when she was repeatedly raped by a serial rapist then buried in a shallow grave next to a road!”