Husband of Paulding County woman says wife unrecognizable after trail attack


DALLAS, GA | The family of a woman badly beaten on the Silver Comet Trail is asking the public for help. They want to raise funds to help pay her medical bills as well as to offer a reward to help catch her attacker.As of Wednesday evening, Paulding County Sheriff’s deputies had made no arrests and did not have a motive in the brutal beating of a woman on the Silver Comet Trail.

The attack happened Tuesday on a bridge over Academy Drive near the Chamber of Commerce Trail Head.

As of Thursday evening, Paulding County authorities did not have any suspects or a motive in the beating of Tina Waddell, 42.

“When I first saw her … the emotions came out because that’s not my wife,” said Jim Waddell, husband of Tina Waddell.

Jim Waddell said his wife has extensive injuries. She is scheduled to undergo surgery again Friday.

“She has a lot of broken bones in her face. Her nose is broke. They’re going to have to wire her jaw shut, and that’s going to be six to eight weeks,” said Jim Waddell.

Jim Waddell said his wife was alone at mile marker 19.5 on the trail when a man appeared.

“She just said she was running and she said that he came at her from the front and that was all she remembered,” said Jim Waddell.

Deputies said Tina Waddell went in and out of consciousness during the attack. Investigators said her attacker dragged her into the woods after the incident. At some point, she regained consciousness and crawled back up to the trail.

Peter Skott was on the trail and spotted her.

“I’m not going to forget that image for a long time,” said Skott.

Skott said he immediately dialed 911.

“Thank God for a great man who happened to call 911 when he found her,” said Jim Waddell.

Deputies said Tina Waddell gave them a vague description of the attacker shortly after the incident, but her husband said now she does not remember anything about the attacker.

Deputies do not believe Tina Waddell was sexually assaulted.

“I don’t know. Could he’d been on drugs? Was it (sex) that he wanted and just didn’t get it?” asked Jim Waddell.

“Tina fought for her life. This guy’s got injuries, somebody out there has to know something,” said Joe Waddell, the victim’s brother-in-law.

The family has set up a fund to help pay medical bills as well as raise reward money for information leading to an arrest. If you’d like to donate, go to any Suntrust branch and ask for the “Take Back the Trail for Tina” account.

If you have information, call the Paulding County Sheriff’s Department at 770- 443-3010.



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