Gerard Baden-Clay | Mistress compares herself to high profile Monica Lewinsky


Toni McHugh likens herself to Monica Lewinsky who had an affair with Bill Clinton, previous President of the United States.  A higher title could not be possible to claim.

McHugh explained her affair with convicted wife killer, Gerard Baden-Clay in various media outlets adding to the ongoing drama since Baden-Clay was sentenced to life in prison.

Since the high profile trial played itself off in a Brisbane Court, headlines across newspapers keep raining in.

Allison Baden-Clay explained in her diary the detail of her marriage to Gerard giving the public a peak into the bitter life she led, struggling to keep her family together and to keep her children believing that they are happily married.  But behind the scenes a murderous plot was awaiting to end her successful life.

To liken yourself to Monica Lewinsky who had sexual relations with Bill Clinton makes McHugh look more foolish than when the case of just broke in 2012.

Her choice of words speak volumes, she harbour a narcissistic characteristics, excusing herself as a victim of Baden-Clay’s.  Grandiose, grand standing, putting herself above the pain others suffer and will for ever suffer.  A total disregard to the children of Allison.

So bizarre is her sudden media appearances as her message to Allison’s three daughters when she says:

“I need them to know that I’m very, very sorry for what’s happened.”

It is all about “me, myself and I”.   “I need to know”.  Why do you need to know that they get your message?  Why do they need to know only now?  You should have said that the first time you invited Gerard into your body.

Should it have happened that Baden-Clay walked out a free man, you would not have offered any apology to the daughters of Allison.  You would have taken them and turned them against their mother, as you and Baden-Clay planned your future together.

McHugh has no sorrow residing in her heart or soul, she only desires to let the money roll in, at the expense of those very three girls she now insist on hearing her self serving message.

It would have been human to ask for forgiveness rather than insist on making them KNOW you are “sorry”.  True forgiveness is asked, not demanded.

The stage was set for McHugh, yet she chose the role of the wicked woman.  She could have gained sympathy from a few and less criticism would have been bestowed upon her.  Yet, she is now using the media as a pawn to send messages to those that already carry hate for her.

McHugh is cashing in on the murder of a woman she had a massive role in.  McHugh denies all involvement, whether direct or indirect.  From a public’s point of view both direct or indirect involvement carries the same weight.  The indirect involvement was just as vital in the decision Baden-Clay made that night to murder his wife Allison.  Even though McHugh does not elaborate on what was discussed that night, it is obvious that discussions between her and Baden-Clay led to the murder.

After the trial McHugh was paid over $200,000 to appear on 60 Minutes, stirring the public to fury.

McHugh further alleges that she went into hiding after their affair became public.  That was the right thing to do!  Hide.  She spend her time in hiding, got a new identity, remained quiet.

However at the time when the little girls would have wanted their Dad back, he was sent to prison, and McHugh made a few appearances in the media that only robbed them to mourn the death of their mother and the loss of their father.

McHugh is right, no man will ever look at her with honest intentions.  Her blood money made from the murder and trial will be the only interesting aspect of her morally bankrupt life.

The disregard McHugh shows the family of Allison goes beyond morally bankrupt.  Depleted conscience.  Empty soul.

Karma has no deadline …


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