Debra Milke


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“For decades there have been secrets in the Arizona desert, malfeasance and lies that threaten the lives of people who await execution for crimes that the evidence clearly indicates they did not commit. Within this site is the story of Jeff Landrigan who was executed in 2010, and the ongoing sagas of Eric King, Debra Milke, Jim Styers and Eldon Schurz. All five were arrested in December of 1989 and the four remaining alive are very near to execution, with Eric’s date set for March 29th . However, all four cases leave more than a little doubt as to their guilt, with Eric, Debra, Jim and Eldon professing innocence.
Additionally, these stories include the work of a group of detectives who clearly did not mind coercion, lies or fabrication to assure conviction in a case. Foremost, among them is retired Phoenix Detective Armando Saldate who had a less than sterling reputation including that he was known to use and disciplined for his coercive tactics during interrogations. His character can easily be called into question, however, his tale tales and dubious actions were almost solely responsible for the convictions of Eric, Debra, Jim and Eldon when there was actually no credible evidence in any of the cases. There is also Detective Mike Chambers who either blatantly lies during another proceeding concerning Eldon’s codefendant or knowingly allows the codefendant to lie in court to free himself. A minor role was even played by Detective Charles Gregory who was later proven to have assisted Noel Levy in the wrongful prosecution of Ray.

No one spoken of here was above reproach in 1989. However, there is clearly a web of deceit that led to these people facing execution. In all of the cases, there is not enough credible evidence to support conviction and certainly not enough to justify taking their lives. At best, each of them was wrongfully convicted. The evidence indicates that they were imprisoned for crimes that they did not commit. Thus, the question becomes is wrongful conviction acceptable if the person’s record is less than stellar?

We the staff of arizona-death-penalty-injustice believe that there should be justice for all. Therefore, we ask that all of you will lend a hand in bringing truth to the desert by assisting us in exposing these cases and other Maricopa County prosecutions for the shams that they are.”


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