Prosecutor, Juan Martinez, Arizona

Prosecutor, Juan Martinez, Arizona

Prosecutor, Juan Martinez is the voice for Travis Alexander, brutally murdered in June 4, 2008, by Jodi Arias.


14 responses to “Prosecutor, Juan Martinez, Arizona

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  3. I watched the trial everyday and thought that you did an amazing job and I cannot see why the jury would not sentenced this woman to death because she deserves the same thing that she did to Travis Alexander this poor man will never get married and he will never have children this woman does not deserve to live she deserves to die ,but if his family does not get justice if his family does not get justice here on ear5th they will get justice from the man up stairs and believe me when she goes before the maker she will get what she deserves.


  4. Mr.Martinez, I’m in awe of you. You have been amazing in this trial. Jody is disgusting woman. She’s a monster. You have stuck up for Travis in the the most effective manor. You’ve done an exceptional job. Any words a might say to describe your closing argument would not be good enough. Words can’t describe your closing argument. Yes, it was that good. Frankly, words can’t describe all of your work in and out of the courtroom throughout all of this. You were so entertaining in the courtroom and I just loved watching you destroy the monster. All the legal analyst would comment on your job and say how (during the trial) you weren’t bringing up premeditation enough. Then you through a whole bunch of premeditation right in their face in closing argument. How those lawyers can say what your doing wrong is beyond me. They are dirt under your feet as far as I’m concerned. You were also so sweet and adorable when people wanted to take pictures with you and you signed that ladies cane. This may sound crazy but I’ve been watching the trial again on you tube. I just can’t get enough of you. You’ve done a GREAT job and, please, if you don’t get death don’t beat yourself up because you’ve poured your heart and soul into this case and the family knows it.


  5. Dear Mr. Martinez, I would like to say how wonderful you are and the passion you have for the truth and the fight you have inside of you to bring justice for Travis Alexandra. I thank God you were chosen. I know for sure Jodi was never abused by Travis. I am one who should know. I lived it. The marks Jodi says she had on her neck was from Travis. If she did have those marks. It was from one of their sex play outs. She wanted to be held around the neck until she passed out. when it happen. she did get scared. She is good at not telling the truth and she knows how to play the game. But I know, Mr. Martinez. You will win for Travis and his family. I have read that Jodi and her friend. The one she met in prison and sends for tweets. Have met up with two of the jurors and gave them money and promised them more from the money Jodi will make from her art work. Do you think this is true? I will continue to pray for you, Travis, and his family. Continue to be who you are. Remember each day how many people love and respect you. Always be there for the victim as you always are. God bless you. Veronica


  6. Has anyone noticed the “Court Whisperer at the end?” Mr.Martinez wasn’t excited at all,like the defense clowns would be. He had his hand on the chin,thinking. The Court Wghisperer” shall get her,while Arias’ agony is prolonged with uncertainty. “I’d beg for the death penalty,if I killed Travis”. Right,hyena. I better get out of here,since my blood is boiling. Not to worry,ladies and gentleman.


  7. Phillis Kautz

    Thank u for being Travis’ voice.You are a fantastic prosecutor. I am sorry about the recent outcome. I suspected this on Wed. I do not have words to reiterate what I am trying to say, but thanks.


    • Mr Martinez,you’ve truly have done your job to the best of your ability. It almost seems……..there is something not right-someplace. Watching the second week,I was gonig to give up,since it seemed like an open and shut case. To be honest,I’m truly appalled.

      To begin with,the judge showed no emotion,when instructing the jury-anyone in general. I don’t know whether it’s my imagination,but it seems as if the judge is romantically involved with that Arias animal. I wish I could see the whole case again. There was a strange look in the judge’s face,whenever she looked at Arias.

      As well,since when does a judge get emotional,like she did? I’m sorry,but Travis’ murder was very well thought of. Arias definitely didn’t want to get caught,yet,you accomplished it. J.Arias is so cold blooded and calculated,that it’s beyond belief. Yet,at the same time she can be quite dumb…..she actually was in many instances.

      Never answered your questions directly,trying to steer you on a different subject. I’ve tried last night to put myself in the shoes of any jurors. Yes,taking/making a decision to take a human life is not easy,but she absolutely deserves it. If she would really get life sentence (never getting out),it would be different. But getting out-even have a chance of getting out at all is unthinkable.

      Those two clowns representing her were a joke! That fatso picking his nose,belching,not showing respect to you (when he told her she doesn’t have to apologize to you),their so called professional witnesses were a joke. I believe her good looks,which none of us can deny have gotten her someplace. We all know Arias has a female lover in jail. Is the judge a “dyke” as well?

      Her hand over (Arias’) her mouth-does she really think she was horrified? Sometimes she is a good actor and other times she is totally dumb. Does she think the public is dumb? My blood just boils at your justice system. Mr.Martinez………’re the “Court Whisperer” and you will get that hyena. Even though I’m a male,my hugs go to you. Remember-you play second fiddle to nobody!!! You’re the best!!!

      Keep well,

      Frank Solcan



  8. Frank Solcan

    Mr.Martinez,you’re truly a sweetheart!!! Those two clowns representing Arias had to be naive,to say the least…..especially the ignorant “Fat Man”.



    • mrmartinez itwas so good to hear the right verdict
      you worked hard fro travis i am so glad that travis had a voice there
      thank you so very much
      all the best veradoyle canada british columbia


      • Frank Solcan

        Vera,come on……it was not the right verdict. Are you a relative/friend of that murdering hyena?


  9. After listening to Jodi Arias’ testimony and after Jodi admitted to checking his email, text messages etc., and after the mountain of lies, it dawned on me…what if….??? Jodi used Travis’ email and phone to send herself text messages and emails degrading herself and pretending it came from Travis. Then erasing it so Travis never had any idea that an email or text message came from him. Jodi saves it and uses it against Travis. I wouldn’t put it past her to do this considering she has been planning her move. What a cunning woman to trap Travis and blame his death on him!


    • mrmartinez i am so pround of you beingthere for travis youare so good
      i am in canada my nameis vera you havebroughtithomefortravisnoone
      elsecouldhavedoneitthereisnowordforjodii have watcheditrightfromthe
      startyouare theonewho keptmethere takecaremrmartinezand


  10. I think Juan Martinez is a fantastic prosecuter. The US needs more like hin. He is passionate about his job & he is the voice of the victum, the victums family & their friends. I lived 5 minutes from New Orleans, Louisiana. I live in Metairie, we need him here. Maybe people will think twice before they decide to take a life.


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